What (is it)

One night a strange event occurs. A meteorite strikes a farm in the middle of nowhere. Initially it seems that the meteor has not caused any major damage. However, soon the lives of the farming community begin to change - slowly and mercilessly. Gradually over time, an invisible force sucks all life from the farm and its people, spreading a strange colour and energy across the land.
"The Colour out of Space" is a story by American horror author HP Lovecraft. It portrays the feeling of helplessness and the resulting lethargy which leads to inevitable doom.

Berlin based comic artist and illustrator Andreas Hartung and "The Dunwich Orchestra" adapt this horror parable as a gloomy, episodic picture show. Using an atmospheric soundtrack, completely without words they draw the observer into a hypnotically decelerated maelstrom of horror. It's a dark drone comic picture show.

The adaptation takes the atmosphere and the horror of Lovecraft's story seriously and celebrates it – including its grotesque elements.

"The Colour out of Space" will be released in five parts, each between three and twelve minutes long and will be gradually published on the web.

For more information please check the press booklet.
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Who (does it)

Andreas Hartung

Berlin based comic artist and illustrator Andreas Hartung is the project's initiator. He is the founder and head of the Berlin comic magazine “Epidermophytie” and for many years contributed a comic page with abstruse adventures to the unclesally*s music magazine. For his comic story “Die Schande von Rahlstedt” ("Rahlstedt's Shame") he was awarded the Independent Comic Prize for Best Short Story. In an epic comic clash, he let 24 comic magazines with 250 artists compete against each other for the meaning of life.

Daniel Siegmund

Siegmund is a multi talented music maniac and tinkerer. He plays guitar in the Berlin alternative rock band “Kreismal”, hammers the bass in instrumental post-metal band “Loipe” and composes and produces scores for the movies of queer performance artist Mischa Badasyan. If he still has time, he records instrumental songs for his one-man project [~]. Being a founding member of “The Dunwich Orchestra”, Siegmund plays electric guitar, bass and synthesizers for the project's soundtrack. His eerie sampling work contributes to the comic picture show's oppressive atmosphere.

David Frikell

Communications designer David Frikell expresses his desire to create not only visually but also musically. As a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist he has worked in a variety of projects and genres for many years. Using his acoustic resonator guitar, he adds the soundtrack's melodic Americana parts and uses percussion instruments to enhance the dusty atmosphere of " The Colour Out of Space".


Concept, Illustration and Animation: Andreas Hartung
Musik & Sound: Daniel Siegmund, David Frikell
Art Advisor: Jan Kucharski
Drums: Johannes Hehemann
Drumrecording: Lukas Leonhardt
Website: Rolf Noelte
Translation: Cath Beswick, Melanie Schwerz, Frederike Strunk
Camera: Guido Stüwer, Andreas Hartung
Crowdfunding Managment: Volker Többe

Dank (an)

Marlies Pěčkec, Elise Landschek, Maria Roewer, Filip Kolek, Moritz Honert, Danny Baarz, Chris Roewer, Markus Schulz, Matthias Vorbau, Christoph Becker, Marvin Mügge, Jakob Mebes, Anja Pietsch, Maarten Isaäk de Heer, Patrick Rupprecht, Joe Kuhl


Chapter 2 is on the rise

We are working on chapter 2 since the last couple of weeks. The rough cut und nearly half of the drawings are done. Now we are looking forward to spring time, to go outside in the forest and complement the drawings with some pretty slow dark music.
See some impressions on our Tumblr-Blog.

Chapter 1 - Out now!

The first Chapter of “The Colour out of Space“ is released and online. We are very lucky and a little bit proud.
You can see it here!

Thanks for am marvelous Premiere

Thank you to all people who came to the premiere-screening and concert at The Tilsiter Lichtspiele Berlin. I was a marvelous Night for us.
See some pictures here.

Legal notice

Andreas Hartung Gleimstr. 56 · 10437 Berlin
Telefon +49 30 428 57 547 ·


Andreas Hartung is – unless otherwise noted – the author of all images, texts, photos and movies on this website. Bandphoto by Marlies Pěčkec

All Sounds by The Dunwich Orchestra.

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